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Discover the importance of commercial insurance – your vital shield against unforeseen challenges, ensuring uninterrupted business operations, safeguarding your financial prosperity, and providing the ultimate peace of mind for you and your customers.

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NEC Agency

NEC Agency, Inc. is dedicated to exceeding your expectations by offering personalized coverage, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to your financial security, providing you with the confidence that your future is in trustworthy hands.

We PROMISE to do our best to be the best… servicing our community and clients by providing peace of mind and enriching their quality of life through our partnership in the management of the risks they face.

About Our Agency

We prioritize delivering exceptional service to our community, guiding our clients through a needs-based approach where we recommend solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

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We're Proud To Represent Great Insurance Carriers

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Testimonials - Testimonials - Testimonials -
Testimonials - Testimonials - Testimonials -
J Ahmed
J Ahmed
Great experience, They help me get insurance which was a difficult task I went to a few other places and was denied. Naj and Abe did an excellent job and got me the policy with good rates.
Alexander Pushkin
Alexander Pushkin
Stanley Wong
Stanley Wong

How we work?

01 People

Our team of dedicated and talented individuals, who work with unwavering commitment, passion, and expertise in servicing customers, collectively drive our success and inspire a positive and productive work environment every day.

02 Strategies

Our company's strategy is to provide comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to both you and your business, ensuring peace of mind and financial security through personalized coverage and expert guidance.

03 Analysis

Our company employs a meticulous and data-driven analytical approach to tailor insurance solutions that cater to both you and or your business, ensuring precision, efficiency, and optimal coverage.

04 Cooperation

At our company, we take a cooperative and collaborative approach to deliver insurance solutions that address both your personal and business needs, fostering a partnership that ensures comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

05 Solutions

Analyzing your unique business or personal requirements to secure the best insurance solution that offers comprehensive coverage and peace of mind, tailored specifically to you or your company's needs.